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Hosting a Course

Would you like to host a multi-sport NCCP course in your community?

The host agency is the primary delivery agent of the multi-sport modules within the province. The Coaches Association of BC is available to assist in the planning of the course. A hosting agency may be a municipal recreation department, provincial sport organization, university/college, community recreation centre, etc. The host agency is responsible for scheduling a date and facility for the course, contacting and paying Learning Facilitators, helping ensure local coaches are aware of the course, accepting names for registration, and post course administration.

Host Agency Responsibilities/Information

1.  Course Scheduling

A completed Course Application and Materials Request Form must be sent to Coaches BC as soon as your course dates and location are confirmed. You can adjust your material order 2-3 weeks prior to the course to order the appropriate amount based on participants. If your course is a public course we will post it on the calendar to increase advertisement. You can find a certified Learning Facilitator in your area to teach the course, or contact to help you.

Facility requirements vary from course and instructor, but the minimum requirement is a classroom with tables and chairs, and extra room to move around. If the host wishes to provide refreshments (recommended) and/or lunch the costs must be covered by the host organization.

2.  Registration & Costs

The hosting agency is responsible for setting the participant registration fee, based on facility, participant, and Learning Facilitator costs.  It is recommended that all participants pay in advance at the time of registration. The following course fees are suggested as guidelines:

  • Competition-Introduction Part A - $85-$135
  • Competition-Introduction Part B - $85-$135
  • Fundamental Movement Skills - $50-$75

The recommended minimum number of participants to run a workshop is 10 and the maximum is 20.  Exception to these guidelines can be made, as it is the Hosting Agency's decision regarding the amount of money required to subsidize the course in the event of low enrollment.

3.  Course Administration for Host Agency and Learning Facilitator

After completion of the multi-sport NCCP course, either the host administrator or the Learning Facilitator must forward the NCCP Course Registration Form (CRF) to Coaches BC immediately following the course.  The CRF is the only means by which a coach can be entered into the NCCP database. Accreditations can only be posted from an official CRF signed by a recognized Learning Facilitator (note that it is the Learning Facilitator's responsibility to ensure the Course Registration Form is submitted). Submitting the form as soon as possibe after each course will ensure that the Coaching Association of Canada receives the apprpriate information in a timely manner.

NOTE: Please make sure all course registration forms are fully completed by each participant. This includes all relevant information on the forms (i.e. coach date of birth and email address, cc# of the Learning Facilitator, etc.). Incomplete forms will not be accepted. 

4.  Learning Facilitator Payment

The host agency is responsible for paying the Learning Facilitator the total honorarium and travel expenses.  The Learning Facilitator is to be paid directly and immediately following the course.  Any other arrangements should be discussed with the Learning Facilitator. Recommended Learning Facilitator honoraria is based on the total number of hours of the course (LFs are not paid for prep or travel time):

  • Competition-Development: $60-70 per hour
  • Competition-Introduction: $40-50 per hour
  • Fundamental Movement Skills: $35-45 per hour

Course Application & Material Request Form

To host a multi-sport NCCP course and/or order course materials, please fill out the following application.

Delivery Notice

Please note that a minimum 2 weeks notice is required for all course material requests. If you order materials less than 2 weeks from the course date(s), we will send the materials to you via Courier and add the charge to your invoice unless you specify that you will come and pick them up from our office. Coaches BC will not pay for shipping costs if less than 2 weeks notice is given.

Host Agency Information
Billing Information

If different from above.

Course #1 Information
Course #2 Information
Materials Required

Fundamental Movement Skills


Competition - Introduction

Part A (includes Making Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, Nutrition)


Part A Individual Modules


Part B (includes Teaching & Learning, Design a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills)


Part B Individual Modules

Competition - Development


Other Course Materials