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Coaches BC Coach of the Year

2011 Coach of the Year Nominations Deadline: April 30, 2012

The Bob Bearpark Foundation supports the Coaches Association of BC (Coaches BC) in providing recognition awards for the BC coaches in three categories: Recreational/Grassroots, Regional/Provincial Development, and International.

The purpose of the Coach of the Year Awards is to recognize a history and dedication to coaching in British Columbia. Each recipient will be selected for their outstanding achievement in the category in which they have been nominated, and for their unique contribution to the advancement and well-being of athletes and their sport. The award does not reflect the accomplishments and contributions of the coach in any one year. The award is designed to recognize contributions the coach has made to his / her sport and its athletes over a number of years.

Each recipient of a Coaches BC Coach of the Year Award will receive a trophy, a bursary of $250 from the Bob Bearpark Coaching Bursary Fund, a five year Coaches BC membership and a coveted Coaches BC baseball cap. All nominees that meet the Eligibility Criteria receive a complimentary one-year Coaches BC membership.Nomination Form


The categories refer to the type of athletes for which the coach is primarily responsible.

Category 1 - Recreational/Grassroots Award

These are coaches who coach grassroots and recreational athletes at any age.

Category 2 - Regional/Provincial Development Award

Coaches at this level are responsible for athletes who are developing competitive skills and preparing athletes for higher competition within regional centers or provincial programs.

Category 3 - International Award

Coaches who primarily coach athletes at the international level.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone may nominate a candidate for Coach of the Year consideration. Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • have a minimum NCCP Competition-Introduction or equivalent (i.e. old Level 1) of the National Coaching Certification Program
  • be a member in good standing of the Coaches Association of BC and of their sport's PSO and/or NSO (if applicable)
  • be a resident of British Columbia
  • be nominated in one category per year only
  • consent to their nomination

Nomination Criteria

Nominees for the Coach of the Year Awards should reflect the standards of the National Coaching Certification Program.

These include:

  • shows respect for officials, opponents, parents and embracing a philosophy of fair play
  • demonstrates concern for all-round development of the athlete; presenting a positive public image of
  • applies relevant training theory and coaching practices
  • demonstrates a proven capacity to improve the team's or athlete's performance.

Selection Criteria

Four areas will be considered by the Coach of the Year Selection Committee. If it is deemed that no candidate is eligible for a particular category of the Coach of the Year, the Selection Committee may exercise the right not to make an award in that category in any particular year.

Contribution to Sport

The nominee has contributed to the organization and development of the sport.

Coaching Effectiveness

An effective coach is one that is ethical, progressive and fair. Coaching effectiveness refers to the steady improvement that has been shown by the athletes in addition to the win / loss record.

Personal Development and Achievement

Personal Development refers to the nominee?s personal plan to gain knowledge, certification under the NCCP, first aid, coaching seminars, and a transfer of this knowledge to their athletes and other coaches. Achievement refers to any recognition the nominee has received for their efforts in coaching.


Leadership refers to the nominee?s conduct. The nominated coach should take a leadership role in the promotion and integration of Fair Play. The coach should be known as a positive role model for the athletes and should provide stable consistent leadership qualities upon which the athletes can rely and relate.



Recreational/Grassroots:Chris Fuoco (Vancouver) - Wrestling
Regional/Provincial Development: Jim Babcock (Surrey) - Sledge Hockey
International: Peter Lawless (Victoria) - Para Athletics


Recreational/Grassroots: Maureen Brinson (Campbell River) - Special Olympics & Bryan Baxter (Nanaimo) - Lacrosse
Regional/Provincial Development: Mits Ikeda (Abbotsford) - Gymnastics
International: Elaine Dagg-Jackson (Victoria) - Curling


Recreational/Grassroots: Karen McLaren (Kamloops) - Speed Skating
Regional/Provincial Development: Keith Gordon (Fort St. James) - Speed Skating
Chantel Spicer (Victoria) - Target Sports


Recreational/Grassroots: Christine Webster (Quesnel) - Gymnastics
Secondary School: Glenn Armstrong (Kamloops) - Football
Regional/Provincial Development: Ron Parker (Victoria) - Athletics
International: Gerry Richard (Kelowna) - Curling


Recreational/Grassroots: Mike Kelly (Surrey) - Baseball
Regional/Provincial Development: Barb Tull (Richmond) - Rhythmic Gymnastics - Special Olympics
International: Peter Lawless (Victoria) - Wheelchair Sports


Recreational/Grassroots: Rick Bryan (Williams Lake) - Wrestling
Regional/Provincial Development: Devin Rubadeau (Kelowna) - Sailing


Recreational/Grassroots: Rick Bryan (Williams Lake) - Wrestling
Regional/Provincial Development: Joe Rea (Prince George) - Curling
International: Joanne McLeod (Vancouver) - Figure Skating
Secondary School: Ian Cameron (Armstrong) - Athletics


Recreational/Grassroots: Brent Kehl (Vancouver) - Skiing
Regional/Provincial Development: Steve Lund (Victoria) - Cycling
International: Derek Evely (Kamloops) - Athletics