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» Coaching Female Athletes

This publication is designed as a reference for coaches of female athletes. The publication provides information about the needs, interests and experiences of female athletes to support coaches in fostering their physical, mental, emotional and social potential. Regardless of the gender of the coach, he or she must recognize the specific needs of their athletes and understand the unique characteristics of female athletes.

This publication was originally developed in 2001 by the Coaches Association of British Columbia in partnership with ProMOTIONPlus. It was based on discussions about coaching female athletes with eight coaches and three female athletes with experience spanning several years, ages, and levels, from grassroots to international competition.

Recognizing the strong demand for this resource and the updated research in the field of coaching female athletes, Coaches BC began the review process in 2010. Coaches BC is excited to launch the revised publication along with a complementary workshop and website resources in 2011

Coaching Female Athletes PDF 

To order hard copies of the resource please use our Course Application and Materials Request Form. Individual hard copies of the resource are free to members of Coaches BC.  Bulk orders are also available. 

If you would like to quote or reprint from our publication, please and use the following reference:

Watson, L. J. (2011).  Coaching Female Athletes Richmond, BC: Coaches Association of BC.  

Project Expert Team

Coaches BC would like to thank the following individuals for their generous contribution to the update of this publication, as it would not have been possible without their expertise and valuable insights.

Christine Bradstock - ProMOTION Plus
Kristine Chambers - Exceleration Multisport
Sheilagh Croxon - CAC Women in Coaching
Vicki Harber - University of Alberta
Nicole Lark - Breathe Fitness
Sydney Millar - CAAWS
Penny Werthner - University of Ottawa

Project Leader
Laura Watson - Coaches Association of BC


British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women?s Health

Canadian Association of the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) 
Canadian Sport for Life / Long Term Athlete Development
Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport
Women in Coaching - Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)
Women's Sports Foundation

Publications and Resources 

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