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Coaching Contracts

The Coaches of Canada Guide to Employment Contracts for Coaches is a great resource and this handbook has been summarized below. (download the full pdf version below)

This handbook is written for the paid coach who works part time or full time in coaching for a sport organization, club, educational institution, or a combination of these. The handbook also addresses many of the issues relating to the private coach - one who enters into a coaching, business, or profit-sharing relationship with an elite athlete.

The purposes of this handbook are threefold:

  • to explain the differences between an employee and an independent contractor, so that the coach can determine the model that best suits his or her needs
  • to suggest some essential elements of the coaching contract
  • to provide some basic information to help the coach negotiate a fair and effective contract with an employer.

It is important to emphasize that no two contracts for coaching services will be alike. Although all contracts will have some common elements, each contract must be tailored to suit the coach's particular circumstances. As a result, this handbook does not advocate a "model" contract. Rather, it provides some essential components of a contract and gives the coach the necessary information to negotiate contract terms that best meet his or her needs.

Below is an introduction to each section of the handbook.

Employee or Independent Contractor?

This section of the handbook discusses the differences between two types of employment: the coach as an employee and the coach as an independent contractor. Understanding these differences will give the coach direction in structuring a working relationship so that his or her employment status is clear. Properly structuring this relationship is important for both legal and financial reasons for all concerned.

The Coaching Contract: Basic Elements

This section of the handbook explains some of the basic components that should be included in a coaching contract. Clearly, a written contract is essential if the coach is self-employed as an independent contractor. A written employment contract is strongly recommended if the coach is an employee.

Negotiating a Contract: Recommendations for the Coach

The following points are intended to help coaches (whether employees or contractors) negotiate the best possible contract for themselves. These points do not necessarily represent a complete list, nor are they presented in order of priority. As well, these recommendations must be read in conjunction with the previous section, which explained some general elements of a contract.

Coaches of Canada Guide to Employment Contract for Coaches
A "Must Read" for any paid coach!

Coaches of Canada Sample Contract
Coaches of Canada Sample Contract

Coaches BC Sample Contract

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