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British Columbia Coaches Week -September 15?22, 2012

Mark this week on your calendar! British Columbia Coaches Week, an initiative of Coaches BC, focuses on therecruitment, development and celebrationof sport coaches with events around the province. Events include training opportunities, workshops and celebrations of the work of volunteer and community coaches.

Plan now to schedule your coaching-related courses and events during Coaches Week. We will list it on the Coaches BC website as an official Coaches Week event and we will help to promote your event.

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There are many ways that you can celebrate Coaches Week.

  1. Plan a coach related event in your community, sport club or association and register it as a Coaches Week eventMore info >
  2. Buy your coaches a membership to Coaches BC.More info >
  3. Athletes - nominate your coach for an ACE award and tell us what your coach has done for youMore info >
  4. Coaches - tell us what coaching means to you and/or why you became a coachMore info >
  5. Submit a photo in our 'Coach Photo' contestMore info >
  6. Athletes - Surprise your coach with a gift of thanks and take a picture, send to us and tell us why your coach deserves it!
  7. Attend one of the FREE NCCP courses offered across the province.More info >
  8. Be creative!! Think of some way to get involved in your community.
  9. Cosider becoming a Mentor or Appretice Coach for the upcoming BC Winter Games.More info >

Contact Heather at if you have any questions.

British Columbia Coaches Week 2011 - A Huge Success!

From all of us at Coaches BC we wold like to extend a large congratulations to everyone who took the time to participate and honour coaches during British Columbia Coaches Week. It truly was an exciting week with participation up around the province.

Throughout the week Coaches BC ran various contests an your response was astounding. We asked for your stories and you told them. Here are a few...

Coach Patty Schlaffen-Brown was one of my first coaches in the late '70's and 80's post sci. I was freshly injured and she was but 18 or 19 yrs old but took Wheelchair Volleyball and Wheelchair Sports very seriously. She and Tim Frick basically motivated we new players, Murray Brown, Daniel Wesley, Ken Hinton, Rick Hansen, Terry Fox and others to maximize our potentials when we thought life as an athlete was over, due to our injuries. She organized the early Spring Tours and made sure the athletes going were at their best. Her dedication to the early organization of BC Wheelchair Sports is one of the reasons the Association is as strong as it is today. I went on to coach Middle school volleyball for many years. I used her techniques and followed her example that athlete development was the primary goal of a successful coach. After 38 years of maximizing my potential and keeping a Positive Mental Attitude, I always think of her when asked who my early mentors were in sport. Thank you Coach Schlaffen, you made a big difference in my life. One I will always cherish.- Pat M

Coaching can be though of as empowering others to feel confident in life through sports. By teaching athletes to learn about themselves and their boundaries (physical, mental, emotional) we teach them that they can accomplish amazing feats in all areas of life, not only sport. Coaching is about molding the community into a healthy place by inspiring others to pursue physical excellence. I especially enjoy the mutual appreciation of a coach/athlete relationship. Last weekend at a competition a familiar face approached me. She reminded me that I had helped her at a competition 4 years ago, and that my gentle and encouraging style had encouraged her to become a coach. She has recruited and now trains hundreds of athletes using my style as a model.- Sherry H.

Thanks to all who sent in pictures for our quarterly publicationPerspectiveas your picture could be on the next cover. Untill then, check out some of our coaches in action!

Castlegar Nordic Ski Club,Submitted by Ann Quarterman BC Summer Games,Submitted by BC Games Society Coach Vassili Zesus Angelblazer, TeachingCYA Bronze Sail IV

Finally, if you participated in our Facebook contests check out the Coaches BC prize pack winners list to see if your name is on it!

Question winners and what they had to say:

Why did you first get into coaching...``there's something special about sport, its the best feeling in the world to share that with someone. Being a coach puts you right there when people get that spark, and lets you guide them to discover magic for themselves``

What has coaching taught you...``Good coaching requires giving lots of your time and your passion. Poor coaching takes the time and passion from others``

  1. Jennifer Martel
  2. Alan Carlsson
  3. Carrie La Roue
  4. Dani Cyr
  5. Cindy Simpson
  6. Chris Wellsman
  7. Rob Walker
  8. Shelley Witkowski Richardson

'Like of Coaches BC Facebook page winner:Michelle Lorusso

All winners were chosen randomly and thanks to everyone who participated. If you see your name on this list please email your address to Heather at [email protected] so we can mail you your prize.