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High Performance Coaching

The Level 4/5 program falls under the jurisdiction of the National Sport Organizations (NSOs). They work with the National Coaching Institutes (NCIs) in the approval of candidates, identification of master Coaches and any specific content or evaluation procedures. In some cases, NSOs offer sport-specific tasks toward Level 4/5 certification. The NCIs offer a competency-based Diploma Program that integrates classroom study with a coaching practicum in partnership with a highly qualified Master Coach.

NCI Advanced Coaching Diploma

The National Coaching Institute Advanced Coaching Diploma is the pinnacle of a coach's education in the National Coaching Certification Program. NCI coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified coaches and leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally.

The Diploma consists of four core themes; Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. Each theme requires coaches to complete a series of modules comprised of several 3 hour units in classroom sessions, seminars, workshops or labs. Coaches will be evaluated in each modules based on their ability demonstrate competency coaching developing athletes. Coaches enrolled in the diploma program will work with a designated master and/or mentor coach who will support them in their completion of program requirements. The diploma program requires a mid-point and final assessment by a panel of content specialists.

NCCP Level 4 qualifications

The delivery of Level 4 tasks will be phased out in 2010 and no longer available in the current format.  Coaches wishing to complete outstanding level 4 tasks should ensure that all requirements are completed prior to 2011. The flexibility of the new NCI Advanced coaching diploma will allow a transition for coaches wishing to accredit particular Level 4 tasks to improve their skills by attending selected workshops (units) in a particular content area.  In order to ensure continuity in the coach education pathway where some sports will likely continue to credit level 4 certification, the NCI-BC will assist coaches in obtaining level 4 tasks equivalent within the NCI Diploma program. Coaches wishing to accredit a level 4 task should contact the NCI director.

Contact the NCI-BC for detailed NCI Advanced Coaching Diploma and Level 4 & 5 program information:

(i.e. program delivery options, courses of study, tuition, scholarships, application form, etc.) 

National Coaching Institute - BC

4371 Interurban Road

Victoria, BC V9E 2C5

Telephone:  (250) 220-2522  Fax:  250-220-2503

Dave Hill, Director