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NCCP Multi-Sport Courses

Coaches BC offers the following National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) multi-sport courses, taken in the classroom and many are also offered through the NCCP Home Study program. You can download the NCCP Multi-Sport Modules outline here.

As sports are integrating into the new system, some sports have integrated the multi-sport modules with the sport-specific components (requiring their coaches only take the sport-specific courses). Check with your BC Provincial Sport Organization first to confirm the training you require. 

Fundamental Movement Skills

The Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) workshop focuses on training coaches who are working with athletes who are in the Active Start or Fundamentals stages of long-term athlete development. Based upon the fundamental stages of the Canadian Sport for Life model of long-term athlete development, this workshop explores core NCCP themes such as fair play, safety responsibility, and communication with an innovative skill development process. Participants are given the opportunity to practice strategies to imporve fundamental movement skills such as throwing, hopping, skipping, jumping, kicking, striking, balancing, catching, and agility.

  • Community Leader Workshop

  • High School Leadership Workshop

  • Coach Professional Development Workshop

Competition – Introduction

The Competition ? Introduction context consists of six modules, focused on training coaches who are working with athletes in the learning to train and training to train stages of long-term athlete development. There are no prerequisites to take Competition-Introduction, and you do not have to take the modules in any order. 

The six modules are offered stand alone, or grouped into a Part A or Part B workshop (each 2 day workshops, 8 hours each day including breaks). You do not have to take Part A before you take Part B.

Part A Workshop: Includes Introduction, Making Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, and Nutrition.
Part B Workshop: Includes Teaching and Learning, Design a Basic Sport Program, and Mental Skills.

  • Making Ethical Decisions Module

  • Planning a Practice Module

  • Nutrition Module

  • Design a Basic Sport Program Module

  • Teaching and Learning Module

  • Basic Mental Skills Module

Competition – Development

The Competition ? Development context consists of six modules, focused on training coaches who are working with athletes who are in the training to train or training to compete stages of long-term athlete development.

  • Leading Drug Free Sport

  • Managing Conflict

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively

  • Psychology of Performance

  • Developing Athletic Abilities

  • Prevention and Recovery

Additional NCCP Coach Training Opportunities

  • Accelerated Teacher Coach Program

  • Resistance Training

  • Aboriginal Coach Manual (ACM) Workshop

  • BC School Sports Coach Manual

  • Empower +